Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Salam, got inspired from the conversation with the algerian that selling Shawarma at my hostel, I'm starting to write my story in English. Maybe there are a lot people that do not know, blog is one of the way that you can practise your writing from a beginner to the successful one. Maybe one day *big dream* That is not my point for today, today i would like to share my story about..emm..until now I do not know what is the suitable title for this entry. Yesterday, my beloved 'mek yah' sent to me a message that she need something to wake her up means she was down at that time, yes! of course, me, as her friend give a little advise not much just only about two point in little short private whatsapp then, today! only a few hour, I got what I give! emm, Allah give me chance to feel what she felt by putting me in a difference situation but in a same point!It is about 'Ikhlas'. When you are sincere in you study, you will never ever feel neglect or loss and maybe sometime down. I'm a normal slave for Him, I also feel what the others feel, we are same! so, today, I get it! I know that what you say to others, He will challenge you in different situation but with a same  from what you say and also I know that when you are ikhlas in your effort even a little effort that maybe there is no one will realise it, but Allah appreciate it! so, in seeking knowlegde there is no word for 'give up' just move forward you will get what you have seaching for. If it is not today but maybe tomorrow. The important is try, try and try. In your effort there is reward from Allah everytime, but remember to put Ikhlas at the first of your step.. Dear, I am writing this for myself too as I am just like you. :)

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  1. Is this shafiyah iqlima's blog? kalau ya, tamatlah penantian saya