Saturday, 29 August 2015

No one knows

Today, I'm starting to write something that maybe will give some benefit to others, not only me. okey! assalamualaikum blog, maybe my story just same story to others but to me, it's has the meaning that maybe different to other (my own prediction). A few days later, about 4 to 5 days later, i was sicked! emm, maybe to others, it just sick. nope! to me, its different. From that day, I'm asking for Allah to solve my problem, I'm begging! I'm cying ! I did it! but it even more and more. non-stop! and i'm just think that it will never end. oo Allah, I need you , really need you and I realise that no one knows what I felt than Him. Yes! I fell in love to my Creator now and ever. never come to it end. On that time, no one know how craving I'm, no one either can be with me for all the time, no one can help me. and I... really need someone to be with me, help me to disappear the sickness from me. When it came to it's end , no one knows how grateful I'm, asking and asking non-stop.. ya Allah, when He granted me to be like others, I'm just thinking that , how Amazing He is. Alhamdulillah! Today, I'm breathing with FOC air, I'm breathing, smilling, laughing just like other just because of Him. yup! no one knows how the others feel except Him. Just Yourself and Him Know it. :)


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