Friday, 25 January 2013


Dear belog, I got a mood to start my writing since I took a long time to start it back. Now, I would like to share with u something that maybe a lot of people dislike it,but it’s still have a hope that a few of people will like it..hehe..i hope so,,about academic story.. a few days ago, it is add and drop sessions at my university..what a tired day! I have to follow all the procedure that have been arranged by AnR my opinion,this procedure not too systematic! all the students that have a problem with the class schedule must go there!hello,,there are 7000+ students there,so,the hall looked like a sardine in a tin and i'm one of them.In this semester,i take only 4 of them com1 (gsm2112). A lot of people said,it is one of the difficult subject, but in my opinion,i should try it first..why not,, hehee..then, Religion in Malaysia also my subject for this semester. I love it! cuz, i can learn about all the religion in malaysia. How grateful i'm.:) n I hope one day, i got a leisure time to share it with u! huhu

al-malik faisal hall


Friday, 11 January 2013


Assalamualaikum belog!,,i got someting that spoiled my now! i'm moody!I think I should not mentions front of TV at my lovely home,,I want to write my story at MAAHAD TAHFIZ SAINS (that place where my sis studies now) sigh! what a big suffered when I looked at my sis face this evening.. She got a sick just like me at IIUM..errrhh,just a few days only..HOMESICK! when we went there to visit her, she will burst into tears..mybe,it's shown to us that she always miss us.. what a big sad when I faced her! :'( we also burst into tears..hehe

~tercantumnye dua hati~

The sun shone directly throught the shady tree and straightly to our face make us relieve that we have to back home but..she told us to stay longer with her..sorry sis,,we have to go,then she whispered to me, 'Ima,dop ngn adex bley?' hah? I just give her a big smile.. soe sis,, This is your first trial,then when you can't stay with it any more, we will help you, but please! try it first..don't give up! seriusly..I know what u fell now,but to have something that really-really meaningful in your life,you have to sacrifice everything!believe me!


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

salam..dear belog..emmm..rndu kwn2 sgt2...ketahui lah shbt..kau adlh jantung ku..ku xkn boleh jd kuat except ble kwn dtg tuk support dri ku yg serba kekurgn trime kasih xtrhingga aq ucapkn..ALHMDULILH.!ni semua hadiah dri Allah tuk seorang hambaNYA mcm aq ni..even kite selalu je wt dose kt Allah pom..macmmne pom Allah tetp pndg kite..kite je buat2 xsedar yg Allah syg kite lebih 70x dri mak kite syg kite..emm..thanx Allah..thanx for EVERYTHING!


home sweet home!


Dear blog.. ping!!!!!!! "stesen wakaf bharu"..that word makes me smile and thanks to Allah when I arrived there at 11.20am,my beloved dad came and took me home..home???HAHAAHHA..I am waiting for a long time to arrived here..and now! I'M HOME!!hehee..even though it is a small house that located at Pasir Pekan but we are happy to live here since 2008  until now! believe or not, in the small, obnoxious house,there were 9 person in it..hakhak..but so k,as long as it can make we happy and secure us from any danger.