Friday, 25 January 2013


Dear belog, I got a mood to start my writing since I took a long time to start it back. Now, I would like to share with u something that maybe a lot of people dislike it,but it’s still have a hope that a few of people will like it..hehe..i hope so,,about academic story.. a few days ago, it is add and drop sessions at my university..what a tired day! I have to follow all the procedure that have been arranged by AnR my opinion,this procedure not too systematic! all the students that have a problem with the class schedule must go there!hello,,there are 7000+ students there,so,the hall looked like a sardine in a tin and i'm one of them.In this semester,i take only 4 of them com1 (gsm2112). A lot of people said,it is one of the difficult subject, but in my opinion,i should try it first..why not,, hehee..then, Religion in Malaysia also my subject for this semester. I love it! cuz, i can learn about all the religion in malaysia. How grateful i'm.:) n I hope one day, i got a leisure time to share it with u! huhu

al-malik faisal hall


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