Friday, 26 October 2012

my life~

ASSLAMUALAIKUM cik blog!!!rindu eh kt awk..sies!soe xsempt r..x dan aih..bnyk ngat citer yg nk dtuls,p!!!within a second,i try to fulfill my dream..hakhak..may i speaking with u?one of the way to improve my vocab..emm..first n foremost,,i would like to share with u my long2 story,,about my life at the most challenging place..IIUM..

emm...this is the taaruf this time,,I am still in a sick..hahaha..juz a simple disease,but the most effected my heart..n make my life spoil with it..(HOMESICK)..sometimes..when i remembered it,,it was very fuuny n make me smile n blushing with red in colour..hahaha..

All of them is my roomate..a thousand of experience with them but to compare with my beloved friendS at MMP ..there were million of difference with it..haha..sorry dear,but it is undeniable truth..just like always,friends at MMP is the best among the best n i cannot find for the replacement.emm,.first of all,mok A.k.A NUR AIN NAJIHAH BT WAN CHIK(kaen tudung purple)
We call them mok due to her behaviour..the most matured one in our 'NAILOFA IBTISAM'..heheh.. then,cik ct wan kembang A.K.A SITI MARIAM BT ABU BAKAR YAP(kaen tudung hitam).She is my first roomate that I was found before met the others..Exterior looks like a tomboy,but interior,especially her heart,easy to melt..haha..soe,UNA(kaen tudung kuning)..she had been called T.O.T.F..why??? patiece..t.o.t.f means talking on the fone..cause,she like to speak with her SONY fone..i think 24 hour..hahaha..then..ATEN..sometimes..I am looking for her to burst all my feeling..hihi..then,MERA,adeq..haha...our last sis,she is a spoon-fed..last but not least..ANA..emm,,i don know how to express about her...but,,she also the best roomate..hihi...

THE NEXT life with SECTION 611..haha,,the most happening group.. we were unite by a lot of programs together..first of all..choral tiredddd....but a lot of memory with it n not forget to our beloved lectured,SIR KASROL KASEM..

overall,there were a lot of story n it take a lot of times to tell everyone,so,i decided to tell everyone one more story with them..hehe..our last!i'm sorry coz can not remembered the actual date that we were went to KLCC!wat a hepi dayz..our journey on that days were very smooth as we were help by the ALMIGHTY..thank you Allah..then, to tell about picture,i think no need due to their hobbies with taking pictures.haha..
says cheez!

b4 the end,i would like to share about our last moment with our beloved lecturer..SIR KASROL N USTAZ WAN RAHIMAN..just only 4 month,we rised our loved with them about everyday per week..n to make the end with them took a lot of month..not only 4 month but a year..huh!



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