Sunday, 20 July 2014 we start!! getting inspire from apistakkesah blog to write my entry today in English! yesss!! of course, im not really good in English but why not,, as apistakkesah said that "big things always start with small things ". For today , I'm in 23rd Ramadhan . ALHAMDULILLAH ! really big thank to Allah give my a really big chance to feel the BARAKAH in this month. This year is more difference from the other years. I'm celebrating Ramadhan at home. *bigsmile. Alhamdulillah :)) my routine was really that simple, wake up from my sweet dream , become a cleaner for a while then spent my whole free time with Al-quran, make me feel so calm , happy of course! and feel that Allah is near to me . What a big present to me ! and the most deadly time was when there is near to Ifthor. Because that time our du'a is accepted! as mention in surah albaqarah : verse 186 . I fell goooddd,,really good.. maybe this is my last Ramadhan but Allah if can I really want that this month never come to it end! :'( 

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